New Survey Reveals UK’s Lack of Support for Trans Rights

Survey exposes UK's low support for trans people. Lack of backing for gender-affirming care and additional markers on official documents. Discrimination acknowledged but limited progress. #TransRights #GenderAffirmingCare #Discrimination

Violence Erupts as LGBTQ+ Activists and Right-Wing Groups Clash Over Pride Month Inclusion

Violence erupts as LGBTQ+ activists and right-wing groups clash over Pride Month inclusion in Glendale, California. #LGBTQ #Activism #PrideMonth #Inclusion

Italy’s Lazio Region Withdraws Support from Annual LGBT Parade, Sparking Outrage

Italy's Lazio region withdraws support from LGBT parade, igniting controversy. Rights activists and opposition politicians express anger. #LGBT #Italy #Controversy #Lazio

LGBTQ Advocacy Group Declares National State of Emergency Amid Surge in Anti-LGBTQ Legislation

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) declares a state of emergency as over 70 anti-LGBTQ bills are passed in statehouses, marking a record-breaking legislative session. #LGBTQ #StateOfEmergency #AntiLGBTQBills

Tensions Mount Over LGBTQ Rights Inclusion in International Labour Organization Budget

Standoff over LGBTQ rights in International Labour Organization budget intensifies, potentially delaying approval. Concerns rise amid global rollback of LGBTQ rights. #ILO #Discrimination #LGBTQRights

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