Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, and Queer persons across the world are often on the receiving end of negative criticism, suffering stigma, discrimination, physical and verbal abuse, assault, harassment, eviction from their homes, job loss, suspension or expulsion from school, and more. While the claim is often made that a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression of such is a non-issue, the violence and discrimination meted upon them is undeniably a big issue, since it greatly affects their quality of health and life. The Pink Times is instrumental in airing current news without fear or favor, thereby inspiring a society that appreciates diversity, and recognizes how everyone has a right to equal opportunities, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, and expression. 

At The Pink Times, we recognize that LGBTQI+ people are at higher risk of threats and verbal, physical, and sexual abuse and yet may be unable to secure help and support from those whose duty it is to protect the community. We therefore aim to create a safe and enabling environment for all, which guarantees the fundamental principles of human rights, equality and non-discrimination, and the protection of LGBTQI+. 

Our success at The Pink Times can be attributed to our proactive and friendly staff; from top to bottom our staff are welcoming, caring, hardworking, and respectful. Our robust team gathers news from within and around our communities, and works towards being a leader in media and entertainment, using industry-leading operating brands and marketing best practices to create, package, and deliver high-quality content across multiple platforms. 

As a brand, we are committed to generating and creating content that will inform, educate, and entertain our readers, helping to reduce stigma, and eliminate violence and discrimination towards LGBTQI+ people, while supporting their fundamental right to live free from violence and discrimination. 

Our Values

  • Integrity and accountability: We are honest, transparent, and accountable for our efforts, and consistently maintain high moral standards in all that we do. 
  • Excellence: We continually seek to improve our cooperation and efforts in matters pertaining to the provision of current news and information.
  • Respect: We demonstrate respect for one another, as well as for our partners and the clients we serve, in our communities and across the world.
  • Customer Orientation: The concerns and needs of the customers are the guiding force behind all our endeavors.
  • Collaboration: We strive to partner with other stakeholders in the delivery of quality services to our clientele to conquer our competitors and achieve the company goals.
  • Quality: We are dedicated to customer driven quality, constantly striving to improve our services guided by the changing needs of our customers.
  • Passion for our Mission: we strive to foster sustainable development, upholding the dignity of our clients and our organization in all that we do.
  • Innovation: We employ creativity in all that we do to ensure a smooth flow of work in our company, and we use the latest technologies strategies to guarantee that we deliver cutting edge services.